Friday, July 07, 2006

So, Georgia and New York have joined in paving the way to a ban on homosexual marriage. Or rather, paved the way to limiting marriage to the union of man and woman. Call it what you will, marriage, civil union, forever-togetherness under the eye of the IRS. Homosexuals should have the right to have their lifelong union recognized by every state in this country, should have the right to the same protections as men and women who also choose these lifelong unions, and should, above all, have all the rights that heterosexual parents have. Because this includes protecting their children. Children, above all, should be protected! They are all ready hurt enough in our irresponsible society. To further this hurt because our justice system is too afraid to challenge outdated laws is despicable.

I read these articles--a triplicate of the Georgia and New York situation and an analysis on New York--and felt the moistening of my eyes which comes of PMS and actor training, meaning my close connection to the pulse of life, meaning my recognition of human dignity and my striving for compassion. I'm sorry. Just because a legislation has been leaning toward a certain social rule for 200 years does NOT mean this social rule is just! How long was slavery a social rule? How long was segregation a social rule? Is it right? Of course not!

And then when lawmakers question the right of homosexual parents to have children, I practically lose it. There is such a shortage of loving, devoted parents in this country, that to limit the number even more--cutting off couples who would be taking in those children in need of adoption--is mean. It's mean. Yes, you're being mean. All you lawmakers are MEAN. Please think of it in these very black and white terms. You are making a whole part of society feel alienated and wrong.

You didn't pick them for Team America and now they have to go stand against the wall. Watch out, because they'll start their own game, and you won't have so much room on the field.


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