Monday, January 30, 2006

My intention for my body is to craft it into a subtle, powerful, malleable instrument of self-expression that can hurl my deepest emotion to the farthest corners or

become a blank granite wall hiding every impulse.

At my own will.

I am an actor and I must overcome all hesitancy about myself and my body so that I can express what I most want to say and what others cannot, or will not, admit.

I am an actor who is overcoming an eating disorder which I have had since high school. At 21 years old, I know that it is time to put my energy into something other than obsessing over my diet and the Socially Acceptable Appearance. The only myths I will deal with are the ones in my Edith Hamilton story book.

This blog will be an open, creative, honest forum about living in this body in this world at this time and with all these other people. You are those other people, so read and post and be as honest in your comments as you are when you look in the mirror. Not so honest there? Yeah, neither am I. Break the mirror and take some time for yourself.

Here are some questions to simmer in your golden mindpots:
If your body could speak to your mind, what would it say?
Trust me! I know MUCH better than you!
Using one word, how would you describe a healthy body?
When was the last time you were really proud of your body?
When I went running to the gym and every part of me tingled with relief and happiness in my own energy.
What is the greatest, most beautiful part of your body?
My smile. That's what everyone says, but I think it's my eyelashes.

Speaking of eyelashes, has anyone ever had a butterfly kiss? It's when you get up close to someone's cheek and stroke them with your eyelashes by opening and closing your eye. It tickles. Try it.

And visit so you can see a small part of where I'm coming from.